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  • Main Dishes

    • Crispy Duck       $36.90

      Twice baked, from the wood fired oven, a half of crispy duck, apple polenta,
      porcini mushroom sauce, green beans and cherry tomato jam

    • Veal fillets     $36.90

      Garlic and Chilli Tiger Prawns, Lightly seared served with baby peas,
      shallots and thyme, garnished with tomato balsamic

    • Filetto al vino rosso      38.90

      Beef fillet tenderloin served with baked eggplant mousse, red wine jus and roasted potatoes.

    • Grilled Moreton Bay Bugs   $23.90

      Rum, Apple Schnapps, Apple Juice, Mint

      Carpaccio Tradizionale E Moderno  $20.90

      Raw, Tender, Thinly Sliced Beef fillet served with Pesto Aioli, crispy Garlic, shaved Parmesan and Mushroom jam

      Duo       $37.90

      served with house marinated Fremantle octopus, Roquette salad with avocado and crispy eggplant , dressed with lemon , olive oil and aioli tahini

      Lamb Shoulder   $37.90 per person (Min of 2)

      Slow cooked in wood-fired oven served with couscous, Spring onion, parsley, lemon, olive oil, pistachio, pomegranate salad, with garnished minted yogurt and Lebanese zucchini filed with tomato and capsicum dip


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