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    Award Winning Dishes


    What’s your most memorable dining experience?

    Did you discover a place that serves your favourite cuisine, maybe it was the ambiance or the overall customer experience?

    Whether it’s your favourite cuisine, ambiance or even the wait staff – each restaurant has its unique quality that makes their customers coming back for more.

    A family owned business in the heart of Floreat, Prego Restaurant offers guests an authentic Italian Mediterranean experience inspired by head chef Joe’s European culture.


    The food prepared by the owner/head chef Joe is true to its Mediterranean roots with love poured into each dish. A simple philosophy,

    “We want to cook for you and make you happy”

    Prego Restaurant’s mission is to provide a truly memorable experience for every individual that dines at the authentic Italian Mediterranean inspired cuisine.

    Restaurant and Catering Awards

    The Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence provides recognition to restaurants and caterers who show quality in their fields and cuisine in addition to the Savour Australia Awards for Excellence which is a nationally recognised award – focusing on exceptional services and culinary talent across Australian restaurants.

    Over the years Prego Restaurant has won many awards including, Best New Restaurant and WA European Restaurant. You can view these highly regarded awards placed on the walls of Prego Restaurant.

    Favourite Dishes

    • House-made Tortellini – each tortellini is made to melt in your mouth with an abundance of flavour and plenty of rich sauce, this dish will leave your taste buds wanting more.
    • Kunéfé – is considered a traditional middle eastern dessert made from thin layers of pastry and cheese melted together, this dessert is rich in texture and flavour.

    At Prego Restaurant we strive to make every experience the very best in hospitality through our customer service, authentic cuisine, warm and welcoming ambiance.

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